The Case
More than a decade of injustice

The new generation of voters targeted by correismo has been voting since they turned 16. They were barely one year old at the time of the 1999 banking crisis and were not even born when Filanbanco closed. Taking full advantage of that and using a deceitful systematic campaign, Correa has manipulated the facts, falsified historical memory and created in the youth a rejection towards the Isaias brothers. Once again the regime blamed the Isaias for the banking crisis which was a political decision that they had nothing to do with.

Filanbanco had been in the hands of the Isaias family since 1958, turning it into the nation’s most financially solvent bank. On December 2, 1998, the bank was taken over by the state. What followed was the collapse of the banking system, the banking holiday and political management by government administrations and corrupt officials who used to Filanbanco to rescue the failed banks of their friends and family. Two and a half years later, the bank was bankrupted and they blamed the Isaias brothers for all the misdeeds.

Those same officials, Juan Falconi, Carlos Bravo, Pedro Delgado, Rachel Endara, Francisco Endara, among others, were recycled into the correismo regime.  Under Correa’s protection they plotted the illegal confiscation of assets, businesses and media outlets belonging to the Isaias Group. Correa wanted to seize control over TC Television, Gamavision and CN3 to consolidate his political project and set up a state propaganda machine.

Pedro Delgado fled with his lies and falsifications in tow, after having plundered the businesses and left them in ruins. His cousin Rafael Correa, who controls the judiciary and all the other branches of government, has protected the accomplices of the confiscations and judicially persecuted the Isaias brothers so as to not return the usurped assets. Therefore, the end of judicial process in Ecuador is easy to foresee: the regime will convict the Isaias brothers because innocence would mean the accountability of assets valued at more than 1 billion USD.    

International courts, administered by upright and impartial judges will finally bring the truth to light: the Isaias brothers are innocent because they did not financially harm anyone their rights were violated and have been victims of persecution for almost than 15 years.

Changes in the criminal elements

The Isaias brothers have been victims of one of the largest persecutions and injustices known in Ecuador’s history. They have suffered for more than fifteen years a trial full of due process violations as well as human rights violations. Everything has been done to the Isaias brothers: laws have been enacted specifically for them, laws have been applied retroactively on them, on numerous occasions the elements of the crime have been changed, they were left defenseless by a legislative mandate, judges who have found them innocent have been impeached and replaced by ad hoc tribunals to convict them, an exculpatory ruling in their favor was declared “non-existent”, among other judicial barbarities that have been applied to them due to obvious political interests.

VIDEO: Attorney General Mariana Yepez ruled that Isaias brothers did not commit embezzlement.

Study by Cedatos Gallup that measures the political effect of the confiscations and its effect on the results of the referendum

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