Assemblyman Andres Paez is a watchdog and a critic of the judicial reform driven by Rafael Correa. His research, arguments and evidence have been based on the records kept by the Judicial Council of Transition. He was particularly interested in the graduation degrees of certain applicants, whom he accuses of being illegitimate judges or judges de facto.

Paez has brought to light the shortcomings of the process, among which he highlights the immoral and unjustifiable awarding of points to certain applicants, who he identifies as submissive to the Executive. Paez has also discovered links between them and the ruling party, and denounced that the rulings of these judges are parallel to the agenda and interests of correismo.

The Assemblyman met several times with the Judge Baltazar Garzon and delivered all the documents related to his accusations. Garzon, in the final report of the Oversight Committee confirmed all of Paez’s allegations, the same which appear in the assemblyman’s book titled “the meddling of hands in justice.”

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