The Spanish Judge Baltazar Garzon chaired the International Oversight Committee created to supervise the election of new judges of the National Court of Justice, a process managed in 2011 by the Judicial Council of Transition.

This Oversight Committee was made up of six other members from around the globe that were brought together by an initiative from President Correa, a week before seating the new judges. ¿Cálculo o error de cálculo?. Was this a calculated act or a miscalculation?

Judge Garzon fully accomplished his task. He welcomed the concerns of the complainants, met constantly with the employees of the CJT, and investigated the situation in Ecuador and its judicial system. In his final report, submitted in late 2012, Garzon confirmed that along with other irregularities that the applicants Wilson-Merino, Paul Iniguez, Ximena Vintimilla, Mariana Yumbay, Lucy Blacio and Wilson Andino had all come to office by an unjustifiable and illegal gift of points.

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