Bravo Macias began as porter at a law firm but, his insatiable social climbing took him far. Partner, lawyer and the executor of Juan Falconi’s orders, Carlos Bravo has also been the accomplice and front man to the many deceits carried out by this professed enemy of the Isaias brothers.

That is how on July 4, 2008 he arrived at the position of general manager of the Agency Guarantee Deposit AGD; all thanks to Falconi’s presidential manipulations during the pre-seizure celebration. Four days later, on July 8, with an enormous police and military operation Bravo usurped the television channels property of the Isaias Group: TC Television and Gamavision.

That was followed by an almost endless stream of the confiscations of assets and media spectacles where Bravo showed off houses, cars, ships and other property belonging to the Isaias brothers.  Many of those assets are now in the hands of a few privileged correista officials.

An audio recording circulating on the Internet between Bravo and President Correa is evidence of the laughter and mockery with which the seizures were conducted in order to harm the Isaias family. During the years 2008-2009 as he presided over the AGD Bravo confiscated everything he could.

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