This Council was "handpicked" by Correa and seated on July 26, 2011.  It was comprised of the electrical engineer Paulo Rodriguez and attorneys Tania Arias and Fernando Yavar. They are responsible for the spurious choice of one of the most immoral judicial courts in Ecuadorian history.

In the process of selecting new judges for the new National Court of Justice, it was proven that illegal awards of various points were given to certain candidates who, once seated, it became apparent through their rulings that they were in favor of the president and his regime.

The Judicial Council of Transition built a number of new buildings for the administration of justice, a process which lacked transparency, and the term “state of emergency” was abused to grant contracts and had absolutely no accountability for a budget estimated to be around 600 million USD. In March 2014, the Comptroller determined abnormalities in 47 contracts during that administration. Meanwhile, the former head of the Council, Paul Rodriguez, travels constantly to Peru and Brazil lecturing on his unforgettable leadership of the agency.

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