To give greater weight to the confiscatory act, Correa wanted the minutes of the resolution of the AGD’s Board meeting of July 4, 2008 in which the "confiscation" was supposedly agreed upon, to be signed by his Finance Minister Fausto Ortiz.

It was July 7, three days after the board meeting when Ortiz was summoned to Carondelet, the presidential palace; the other Board members had already signed the minutes. However, Ortiz refused to sign it because he realized that the matter of the confiscation, had been included in the minutes but, had not been addressed nor resolved at said meeting. Ortiz scolded them about the adulteration of the minutes. It was then that Correa admonished him and said "Sign it or you’re out of here." Ortiz, not wanting to lie, reiterated that he would not sign, resigned from his post and left the room.

The next day Fausto Ortiz criticized the serious incident on Ecuavisa TV morning news program with journalist Carlos Vera. The "confiscation" was executed with forged minutes.  It was an illegal confiscation under the current laws of Ecuador.

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