Close relative of Rafael Correa, the current Attorney General Galo Chiriboga Zambrano was also the President’s attorney, Minister of Mines and Petroleum and Ecuador's ambassador to Spain at the time the drug trafficking case “Resugir” was discovered. To reach that office, the prosecutor showed a resume that lacked a judicial career, but perhaps what added some weight was the fact that he had been Rafael Correa’s attorney in the trial against Banco del Pichincha, where he was able to get the bank to pay his client $ 600,000 USD. The president openly took him under his wing from the very beginning, making public statements defending him when questioned about oil corruption during his term as minister.

In the bidding process for the selection of the new attorney general of the country in July 2011, there was obvious favoritism for Chiriboga. They accepted that he had supposedly six months of lecturing experience when in fact he could only justify 6 days. He was also awarded additional points for diplomas from the American Association of Jurists, an organization that he formed, of which he was president and which he even signed his own diploma.

Once in office, Chiriboga was diligent and active in persecuting those Correa singled out as conspirators or offensive opponents, while turning a blind eye to the corruption of the government, most of whom he left unpunished.

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