The former director of Projusticia, former Minister of Justice and Human Rights, former Secretary of State, former secretary of the Presidency and an unconditional friend of Rafael Correa, chairs the Judicial Council since January 2013.

His acts are clearly tied to the governing interests of his friend, the ruling regime, and far from the impartiality that a high ranking Ecuadorean senior judicial officer should have. During his administration many judges were removed when they did not rule in favor of the correismo interests using a highly criticized cause called inexcusable error. It clearly constitutes pressure and interference on the performance of the judges.

In the Isaias case, Gustavo Jaklh has been a silent witness to the legal atrocities, of the abuse, attacks and violations of due process; in spite of the fact that all these irregularities were brought before him by the defense of the Isaias brothers, demanding his intervention.

He has omitted issuing controlling acts and sanctions well within his scope of duties by allowing judges Fernando Quiroz, Felipe Granda, Enrique Pacheco, Wilson Merino and Paul Iniguez to act in a biased manner, boycotting the presentation of evidence and violating due process. Particularly in the case of Iniguez, allowing him to be classified "un-recusable" and not having him sanctioned for flagrantly committing prevarication.

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