Johnny Ayluardo Salcedo, has been close to the correista center of power since 2007. After the appointment of Gloria Sabando, as Banking Chairman, Ayluardo was named Secretary of Banking Chairman for the region of Guayaquil.

In the bid for the election of the new judges of the National Court of Justice, he suspiciously jumped from 37th to 19th place thanks to the final interview where the members of the Judicature Council of Transition gave him the score of 9 over 10 points. That’s how Ayluardo arrived to the bench and sealed his compromise with the regime.

In March 2014, Ayluardo along with Iniguez and Vintimilla convicted the Isaias brothers of the crime of misappropriation of funds, once again changing the elements of the crime. This conviction was indispensable so that the regime could definitively appropriate the assets, businesses and media outlets belonging to the Isaias brothers.

When a judge falls into the corrupt webs of the correista power it is impossible for them to get out. After dismissing the trial that convicted the former legislator, Mery Zamora, to eight years of imprisonment for the crime of terrorism and sabotage, Johnny AyLuardo, judge of the Criminal Hall of the National Court of Justice, received notice from the Judicature Council of an investigation regarding his sentence on that matter.

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