The compromise judge Jorge Maximiliano Blum Carcelen has with the regime is undeniable. His son, Pablo, entered the Ministry of Public Health in 2009 and his mother, Lucia Carcelen, presides over the Renal Foundation Ínigo Alvarez de Toledo, which is co-financed with funds provided by the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) for the service provided to patients. According to that posted on the internet, Judge Blum and his father are also legal advisors of the renal foundation.

Blum, along with those in question, Wilson Merino and Paul Iniguez, was also a part of the trilogy of judges that upheld the controversial sentence against the newspaper El Universo, the same which granted the citizen Rafael Correa Delgado 40 million US dollars as compensation for damages incurred by an op-ed article.

Blum’s involvement in this case that made news around the world proved to be quite prejudicial for him and Correa’s manipulation of the judicial system was revealed as well.  Being in the company of two seated and submissive justices like Merino and Iniguez, it became obvious that Blum was also a judge that has responded and responds to the correismo line. It is not surprising now, that during the appellate stage of the Isaias case, Jorge Blum be a part of the Bench that hears the case alongside the questionable Lucy Blacio and Gladys Teran.

Blum also demonstrated his service to correismo by ordering the raid of the offices and home of the assemblyman Clever Jimenez and his advisor, Fernando Villacencio, who have presented the most overwhelming amount of corruption complaints against the government of Correa. Similarly, Blum acted against the Pachacutik legislator, Diana Atamaint, who was sued for defamation by the minister of the environment, Marcela Aguinaga (who is the cabinet’s “goddess of Olympia” according to Correa), for denouncing the deviation of the ministry’s funds to a group of employees from the same ministry of the State.

In another case, Jorge Blum, Lucy Blacio and Paul Iniguez changed the elements of the crime of attempted murder to one of permanent injuries thereby reducing the sentence from 8 to 5 years imprisonment for a police officer accused of having injured a student, Edison Cosis at Colegio Mejia, in 2011. To avoid questions from the student’s family they increased the damage award from 50 to 100 thousand dollars.

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