Katia Torres Sánchez

On June 9, 2009, Carlos Bravo was removed from the Management of the AGD and his replacement was the auditing Doctor Katia Torres Sanchez. She was also a member of the Commission of Administration and Supervision of the confiscated assets where she had two arguments with the then head Carlos Bravo who held this Commission responsible for the tardy sale of the assets.

However, she proceeded with the sale of the confiscated businesses, especially the sugar mill La Troncal/Ecudos, but, in June 2011 President Correa named her secretary of the real estate management of the public sector (Inmobiliar) replacing Dick Vega.

Since January 2013, after the president’s cousin fled the country, the responsibility of the UGEDEP once again fell upon Katia Torres, trustworthy employee of Pedro Delgado and who knew the ins and outs of said institution.

Katia Torres was swift and diligent in meetings she had with the defense attorneys for the Isaias. She attended the meetings feigning good faith, offering to clear up accounts subject of the case and took advantage of the trust they offered her. She ultimately went back on her word and from one moment to another surprised everyone with a bankruptcy trial against the Isaias brothers, to whom she had offered to clear up the sums of the payment ruling because according to the law she was the judge of accounts.

Her pupil was the now incarcerated Francisco Endara who publicly swore by her stating: “I wholeheartedly trust Katia Torres, she was my boss, together we accomplished things that did not occur in ten years and nobody remembers who she is.”

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