Blacio worked at Cepam, an organization founded by Miriam Alcivar, the wife of the Minister of Foreign Relations, Ricardo Patino and was also Secretary of Transparency and Fight against Corruption for the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS).

As an aspiring judge, Lucy Blacio Pereira was on the verge of being eliminated from the bidding process. Suspiciously during the personal interview, the members of the JCT jump started her eligibility by giving her the maximum score of 10 over 10, the highest score given to anyone. She jumped 24 spots landing on 21, the last of the eligible spots, eliminating from the process a jurist with an impeccable career, Dr. Yolanda Yupanqui, who had been in 12th place.

Blacio was in charge of the trials in which the citizen Rafael Correa sued for damages against assemblyman, Clever Jimenez and his advisor Fernando Villavicencio. They were persecuted for their numerous complaints regarding acts of corruption and sued the President for crimes against humanity in the sad episode of the police rebellion of September 30, 2010. Blacio ignored the Assemblyman Jimenez’s parliamentary immunity and ultimately sentenced him and his advisor to 18 months in prison and a fine for damages of 150,000 USD in favor of Correa.

Rafael Correa admires Fidel Castro, Omar Kaddafi, and Mohammed Ahmadinejad and classifies the FARC as an insurgent group. He is commonly seen in the company of various former terrorists and subversives from the 80’s like Alfaro Vive Carajo and Montoneros Patria Libre, who are some of his cabinet members, as well as others in the assembly and even on the board of the main government newspaper.  He sent a delegation of them as representatives of Ecuador to attend the inaugural events of the new government of El Salvador in mid 2014.

In line with the correismo agenda Lucy Blacio handed down the ruling calling to trial some police and militia men for crimes against humanity. These were people in charge of the fight against terrorism during the past century. They included a former minister, former commanders, directors of intelligence and doctors. Justices Jorge Blum, Gladys Teran and Lucy Blacio are now in charge of the sentence at the appellate stage of the trial against the Isaias brothers.

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