The former Attorney General Mariana Yepez issued a final ruling in the Filanbanco case where she found that the Isaias brothers, Roberto and William had not committed embezzlement, that there was no existence of any abuse of money at this banking institution nor was there any financial damage to the depositors.  The liquidity loans granted by the Central Bank had not been diverted to any affiliated companies whatsoever according to the study of the documents and facts that had been entered into evidence as part of the lawsuit.

Yepez added that the loans granted by the Central Bank of Ecuador (CBE) had already been paid in conformity with the payment certifications presented by economists Leopoldo Castillo and Miguel Davila Baez, as ex-manager and manager of the institution, respectively. Yepez also clearly stated that the Central Bank granted the credit to Filanbanco, not the Isaias brothers, and that this was not a personal loan but one which was made to a bank.

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