In the nineties, Nathalie Cely Suarez was a close associate of Jamil Mahuad. She worked for the National Council of Modernization CONAM that was headed by the banker Alvaro Guerrero Ferber, Executive President, General Manager and shareholder of Banco La Previsora. She was also vice-president of Banco Union, owned by Roberto Baquerizo Valenzuela brother-in-law with the ex-President Gustavo Noboa. Banco Union was liquidated in 1999 and La Previsora was merged with Filanbanco in 2000 causing the latter a loss of more than 459.6 million dollars.

Currently, she is the ambassador of Ecuador in the USA and since 2013 the agency she heads has undertaken a media and lobbying campaign aimed at destroying the reputation of the Isaias family in order to pressure US authorities and force them to extradite the Isaias brothers, in spite of the lack of evidence against them.

Cely has hired Ketchum, the same PR agency working for Vladimir Putin in the United States. Cely has sought to tarnish the good reputation of the Isaias family in the US where they now reside by sending free media publications to journals such as the New York Times, Miami Herald and NBC-NY. A reputation based on decades of working in that country and of their impeccable management of the bank they once owned, Republic National Bank.

Cely has violated the presumption of innocence and other human rights of the accused. However, worst yet is that she is the axis of the persecution and media torture of the Isaias brothers in the US.

Also involved in this media smear campaign are Jorge Gestoso, and his former colleague at CNN, Alberto Padilla. The latter conducted a media lynching tour against the Isaias brothers in Ecuador on government media just days before the ruling issued by Judge Paul Iniguez on March 13, 2014.

The issue manipulated on this tour was related to donations made by members of the Isaias family, not Roberto Isaias or William Isaias, to American political campaigns. This is a common practice and perfectly legal under the laws of the USA. Another "strange" coincidence was an article published in the New York Times the day prior to the Iniguez ruling. This entire campaign has been funded with government resources but, undoubtedly, the sum of this operation like that of many others are hidden by the Correa regime.

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