The new National Court of Justice, emblematic product of the Correista judicial reform, is one of the most questionable judicial courts in Ecuador’s history.

Illegal gift of points to certain applicants and other irregularities proven in the election of the new National Court of Justice came to light due to the complaints made by the Assemblyman Paez, the same which were subsequently confirmed in the report of the International Oversight Committee.

It was confirmed that, to get on the bench, Wilson Merino was “awarded” 10 points, Mariana Yumbay 6, and Ximena Vintimilla 4. It was similarly demonstrated that applicants Lucy Blacio, Paul Iniguez, Wilson Andino and Johnny Ayluardo were favored with scores they did not deserve. The formula used to favor them was the "scam" of the final interview, which allowed members of the Judicial Council to play with scores of up to 10 points at their sole discretion to favor certain candidates. Once in office Wilson Merino’s, first rulings displayed his commitment to the interests of the executive and the correista agenda.

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