This frustrated aspiring priest and failed mayoral candidate of Gualaceo, was also an undeserving judicial candidate for the new National Court of Justice. Before the final interview of the hiring process, he had a score of 67.43 and was ranked 41.

In the final interview, he was curiously assigned a rating of 9.9 out of ten for a somewhat regular presentation, which moved him up the ranks to 16. That is how he arrived at the high office of judge, supplanting other applicants with higher qualifications, knowledge and integrity.

Moreover, Paul Iniguez Rios was unjustifiably favored during the merits phase. He received four additional points for having a legal master’s degree in the area of Foreign Trade and Electronics when Article 33 of the Instructions expressly stated that these points will be awarded if the additional degrees are related to the post that the candidate will occupy, and this area of expertise has nothing to do with criminal law.

Once in office, Iniguez took his revenge on Marco Tapia, who he had lost the primary election for Mayor of Gualaceo on the Alianza Pais ballot and whom he prosecuted for damages. Tapia was swiftly sentenced to prison he had to resign and stated that he was being politically persecuted by Iniguez. Sometime later he claimed that Betty Tola, a high ranking leader of the governing Correista party, had told him, "You messed with the wrong person, buddy. Iniguez is the judge handling the special cases of our Comrade President ". On March 12, 2014, Iniguez ruled against the Isaias brothers and upheld the sentence of 8 years in prison, in spite of being prosecuted for prevarication for continuing on the case after saying in an official communication to INTERPOL prior to sentencing that the Isaias brothers were guilty.

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