In 1999 Pesantez entered the Prosecutor’s Office as a close knit employee of the Attorney General Mariana Yepez and as such was very close to the Filanbanco case. However, at the beginning of the Correa administration in 2007, once elected Attorney General by the Constituent Assembly, Pesantez was determined to show that he had no ties to the Isaias brothers. To do so, he championed the case and unsuccessfully pressured to have them extradited from the USA.

Pesantez accumulated numerous complaints of nepotism, influence peddling, and was implicated in the case of Natalie Emme. In that case, a young mother died on January 14, 2010, after being hit by a vehicle belonging to the Attorney General's Office in which Pesantez’s wife, Aliz Borja, was traveling in.  Aliz Borja was apparently driving the vehicle. Thirty-three National Assembly members tried to bring Pesantez to justice but, he managed to evade them all.

Even though  Pesantez was a direct advisor to Mariana Yepez and was quite knowledgeable  about the Isaias case he never changed the opinion of the former attorney general who had freed the Isaias  of the embezzlement charge even though he was the attorney general  during the first years of the correista regime.

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