Ximena Vintimilla Moscoso has a militant past and ties to the current administration. She was advisor to the Alianza Pais assemblywoman Roxana Alvarado at the Constituent Assembly of Montecristi. She was also legal advisor to Fander Falconi in 2009 who at the time was the nation’s Minister of Foreign Relations. Afterwards, in 2010 and 2011, she was Under Secretary of Migrants for el Austro.

Vintimilla obtained her seat on the bench by way of a gift of 8 points which she did not deserve and during the final interview she was given 9.5 points over 10 that ranked her 16th on the list of eligible candidates.
In May 2012, Vintimilla suspiciously received the case of the former president Jamil Mahuad that had entered the correista agenda through interests of the regime. Demagogically they insisted on the platform of sovereignty and anti-imperialism, intending to discredit the dollarization and everything that occurred since the financial crisis of 1999 when Mahuad was president.

The history behind the political reactivation of this trial was to create a favorable atmosphere to implement the de-dollarization in the country and to pay off the huge deficit the government had accumulated and which becomes more unmanageable every day. By de-dollarizing the Ecuadorean economy, Correa would, through the emission of new currency, have another variable with which to finance his political project.

Mahuad, meanwhile, questioned the ruling “I may not be surprised by the conviction, what surprises me is the poor analysis of this cockamamie “sentence” where there is no reasonable explanation for discarding the hundreds of pieces of evidence that I have presented and furthermore, does not establish the elements of my crime of embezzlement.”

Vintimilla was also a part of the criminal bench that upheld the sentence of September 13, 2014 that convicted the Isaias brothers, a ruling that also lacked evidentiary analysis and elements of the crime.

The correista judges are in the habit of taking orders without judging based on the law, impartiality, respecting due process; consequently, the sentences they conceive are truly ridiculously injudicious.

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