"Madame: they were going to extradite them based on illegal judicial findings."
In a public letter to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Jorge Zavala Egas, attorney for the Isaias brothers accused the Ecuadorean Government of violating his client’s rights, leaving them defenseless through a constituent mandate and convicting them through political trials by judges who obey the Executive. Zavala added that the U.S. State Department had denied extradition on four occasions due to lack of proof and because the current government intended on extraditing them in an illegal manner.
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"Judicial triumph: the sentence of the Isaias case is annulled"
In the Isaias case, the sentence ordered by the Government, issued by the Court of Justice annulled the sentence issued by the Criminal Appellate Tribunal of the National Court of Justice on March 12, 2014 “after having proved that the law was violated”, according to the press report received by this paper.

Pasara report on justice continues generating debates
Assemblyman Paez makes a proposal at Forum to avoid impunity of acts of corruption El Universo-Guayaquil, September 4, 2014 The opposition assemblyman Andres Paez (CREO) believes that to prevent acts of corruption tied to those in power from going without punishment the mechanism that must be used is the condemnation of the supposed interference of the executive power on the judicial function before the international community

Ecuadorean judicial Independence internationally questioned
Report shows that Executive Power’s improper interference seriously affects the judicial independence in Ecuador Washington, DC. July 28, 2014.- The Due Process Legal Foundation (DPLF), the Center for Legal Studies, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) from Colombia, and the Institute for Legal Defense from Peru (IDL) organizations whose mandate is to promote human rights and the State of Law in Latin America has today published the report “The Judicial Independence in the reform of Ecuadorean justice”, written by Luis Pasara, an expert in the area of justice and senior fellow at DPLF.

"Ruling is to keep the confiscated assets"
Guayaquil, Ecuador. March 14, 2014.- Xavier Castro, defense counsel for the Isaias brothers, asserts that the ruling against his clients is a pretext to avoid accountability on the assets confiscated more than 5 years ago and to not return the television channels TC Television, Gamavision and CN3. He adds that the judiciary in Ecuador is controlled by the Executive and that the Commission for Human Rights of the Geneva has been informed of this. This Court will have the last say on this matter.

Correa defeated for the first time in 7 years
Alianza Pais attributes the electoral loss in Quito to 3 mistakes
Quito, Ecuador. February 24, 2014.- Yesterday, February 23, President Rafael Correa acknowledged the political loss he suffered in Quito and said it was due to three mistakes committed during the election process. The first one, he said, was linked to the municipal administration; the second, the manner in which the campaign was conducted and lastly, the sectarianism of the official movement.

Justices Merino and Íñiguez , accused of fraud and prevarication
The complaint was filed by the jurist Jorge Zavala Egas who represents the Isaias brothers
Quito, Ecuador. January 29, 2014.- Doctor Jorge Zavala Egas, went before the Attorney General to file a criminal complaint against justices Wilson Merino and Paul Íñiguez for “acting fraudulently violating the Law and committing the crime of prevarication, meaning it issued an anticipatory opinion on the future conviction of the Isaias case and, in spite of that, continued to hear the case”, according to what is on the complaint.
Human Rights Watch: "Ecuador should assure judicial independence"
Impeachment of hundreds of judges fogs up judicial reform
Washington, DC. January 24, 2014.- The process of judicial reform in Ecuador has placed the judicial Independence of the country in doubt, said Human Rights Watch in a letter sent to Gustavo Jalkh, President of the Judicature Council. Since 2011, the Judicature Council made up almost entirely of former officials of President Rafael Correa’s government have appointed and impeached hundreds of judges using seriously questionable methods..

Ratifican 18 meses de prisión para asambleísta Jiménez
La sentencia se extiende también en contra de Fernando Villavicencio y de Carlos Figueroa.
(Quito, Ecuador) Enero 14 de 2014.- La Sala Penal de la Corte Nacional de Justicia (CNJ) negó este martes el recurso de casación a la sentencia dentro del juicio que, por injurias, ganó el presidente Rafael Correa al asambleísta de Pachakutik Cléver Jiménez, su asesor Fernando Villavicencio y el activista Carlos Figueroa.
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Allanan domicilio y oficinas de Fernando Villavicencio y Cléver Jiménez
Alexis Mera: "decidimos en Presidencia realizar el allanamiento"
(Quito, Ecuador) Diciembre 27 de 2013.- A las 23:00 de ayer, unos 30 miembros del Grupo de Intervención y Rescate (GIR), acompañados por el fiscal José Luis Jaramillo, allanaron la vivienda de Fernando Villavicencio, asesor del asambleísta Kléver Jiménez. Así lo informó ayer Villavicencio, quien denunció que el operativo fue violento y que la autoridad no dio explicación alguna del objetivo de la intervención.
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Miami-Dade Judge rules in favor Isaias Brothers
Isaias requests Ecuador payment of attorneys' fees. Tein, Esquire says: "We have been astonished by the civil rights violations perpetrated upon the Isaias Dassum family in Ecuador."
Miami, USA July 11, 2013. - Michael Tein, defense attorney for the Isaias Dassum brothers in the trial Ecuador filed against them in 2009 and which it has just lost in Miami, receives this newspaper journalist in a small office on the third floor of a building in Coconut Grove, Miami.
U.S. rejected extradition Isaias Brothers
Speaking about Snowden, Correa spoke with Joe Biden Vice-President of U.S. about Isaias case, Biden-who knew about the case-said that this case was different.
Quito, Ecuador. July 3, 2013. - Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño confirmed Wednesday that the United States denied the extradition of William and Roberto Isaias, former owners of Filanbanco. The State Department of the United States reported on June 19 to the Foreign Ministry Department of International Legal Affairs the refusal of extradition.
Isaias brothers sentenced to 8 years in prison
Xavier Castro, attorney for the former bank owners announced yesterday he would appeal the sentence and after exhausting all national courts would go before international tribunals.
Quito, Ecuador. April 12, 2012.- The siblings Roberto and William Isaías Dassum, formerly president and vice president of the board of the defunct Filanbanco, were both sentenced to eight years of imprisonment as culprits for the crime of embezzlement.
Carlos de la Torre
"For my enemies the law"

Dante Caputo
"Mister Correa, don’t come back"

Diego Araujo Sánchez
Loss of tolerance

José Ayala Lasso
What is a revolution?

Farith Simon
Mandate No. 13: an issue in favor of the Isaias

The Government had to convict the Isaias brothers. Otherwise it would have had to return the television channels TC Television and Gamavision and render accountability to the nation for the assets and businesses totaling more than one billion dollars.
VIDEO: Sentencia
Attorney for the Isaias brothers analyzes the Wilson Merino sentence
Raid on the home of activist Fernando Villavicencio
VIDEO: Abuse of Power
Clever Jimenez questions raid

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