What is a revolution?
The Royal Academy of the Spanish Language Dictionary tells us that a revolution is, among other things, “a violent change in the political, economic or social institutions of a nation”.

Quito, April 4, 2014.-
In Rodrigo Borja’s Political Encyclopedia, it states that it is a movement that contains a structural change of the social organization.  Borja recalls Ortega and Gasset and adds that the revolution seeks to change the “uses” of a society while a rebellion opposes the “abuse” of power. In general, revolutions are born in the social stratus, urban centers and imply the use of violence. In Ecuador’s history, an authentic revolution was that led by Alfaro. 

The revolution is guided towards the transformation of realities considered to be unjust and oppressive. Its goal is a social good that the former Regime neither offered nor guaranteed. If violence is used it’s because the threatened social order defends its status quo which brings upon the confrontation.  However, there are peaceful revolutions.

An authentic revolution is guided by the will of change and not the desire of revenge. In the search for equality of justice and opportunities to progress for all, the revolution does not discriminate against those who profited or enjoyed the previous unjust order. Had it been that way, it would promote a system that, by repeating the errors of the past, it would be condemned to be the source of a new transformative revolution.

But revolutionaries are not all bright and commit the same or worse errors than those they condemn.  There are those that preach “all you need is love” and teach hatred, revenge, destruction of others, the degradation of those who have their own ideas, the antagonistic division of society. This is or appears to be the socialist revolution of the XXI century that seeks to feed its followers bread and everybody else insults and humiliation, today it denigrates those it paid homage to yesterday and defames honest citizens that defend their right to think on their own and express what they think.

How can you preach “all you need is love” then deliver the Saturday morning broadcast with segments of fury and persecution called “dirty trick of the week” which is truly improper dirty tricks of a democratic government?  The revolution for these people is the get even, revenge, changing of roles, acts brought upon by resentment or hang-ups. Such revolutionaries believe that by defending their criticized behavior they are defending the concept of honor but, they love jeering and making fun of the honor of others.  For them, harmonizing diverse interests means destroying the interest of others. Social peace is the peace found in the cemetery. They are the ones who believe that in order to eliminate death, you have to kill!!

Source: El Comercio / Ecuador

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