"Judicial triumph: the sentence of the Isaias case is annulled"
States Jorge Zavala Egas, defense attorney for Isaias brothers

Quito, Ecuador. Octubre 30 de 2014.-

In the Isaias case, the sentence ordered by the Government, issued by the Court of Justice annulled the sentence issued by the Criminal Appellate Tribunal of the National Court of Justice on March 12, 2014 “after having proved that the law was violated”, according to the press report received by this paper.

“This new sentence is an authentic judicial triumph”, affirmed Jorge Zavala Egas, defense attorney for Roberto and William Isaias. “The National Government had no other alternative, surrendering before the arguments thrown at it by the defense than annulling the sentence handed down by the National Court of Justice this past March 12th, making its manifest illegality untenable”.

Zavala Egas added given “the illegality committed was declared, the right of the Isaias brothers to demand the return of their confiscated media (TC Television, Gamavision and CableTV) found sustainability, which was done so the authoritarian Government could find a reason for a conviction and force, in the new appellate sentence, the adaptation of the case to the criminal act of “bank embezzlement” that was recently enacted in Ecuador in 1999. It was not a crime from September-December 1998 when the acts leading to this legal proceeding occurred”.

The attorney Zavala went on to say, “that executed against the Isaias brothers was a forbidden retroactive application of criminal law, in direct contradiction of the Constitution of the Republic and the American Convention of Human Rights to which Ecuador is a member of and is enough to challenge this political sentence on the floor of international courts”.

“With this ruling, it is evident, Zavala stated , that the Isaias brothers are innocent, they always rightfully condemned the political motivation of the criminal trial and the sentences issued against them and the violation of their rights that has been executed by the Government of President (Rafael) Correa”.

Source: Ecuador en Vivo

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