Correa defeated for the first time
in 7 years
Alianza Pais attributes the electoral loss in Quito to 3 mistakes

Quito, Ecuador. February 24, 2014.-
Yesterday, February 23, President Rafael Correa acknowledged the political loss he suffered in Quito and said it was due to three mistakes committed during the election process.  The first one, he said, was linked to the municipal administration; the second, the manner in which the campaign was conducted and lastly, the sectarianism of the official movement. 

Furthermore, this allows us to learn for future elections.  He, for example, questioned the lack of an alliance with the movement Avanza, headed by the Minister of Industries, Ramiro Gonzalez.  This organization got almost 30 Mayors and one prefect according to the information of the “exit polls”. “They’re our ally in the Assembly, but a coalition was not made for the sectional elections”. And in some cases we took votes away from one another and a third party won the candidacy”, Correa explained.

That’s why he said this “shakeup” would be a positive one for Alianza Pais (AP) although he continued to say that it was movement that most gained during the elections.  “In the 2009 elections we got 30% of the Mayors. Today we will surely have much more”, Correa stated at a press conference where the outing Mayor Augusto Barrera was not present.  The Executive added that he hoped to work in a coordinated manner with the Mayor-elect of Quito, Mauricio Rodas.  Notwithstanding, he said there were two concerns regarding that designation.
First of all, was the importance of the capital in the governability of the country and secondly, the possibility of improved administration of resources.  “It will always be better to have a good relationship with City Hall to enable various public works. I hope to coordinate a lot with the City Hall of Quito”.

Two and a half hours prior to this, the Head of State had given a press conference regarding the announcements of the results of the “exit polls”.  In that first appearance, the Executive did not conceal his distaste of the results his candidates had obtained in the City Halls of Quito and Guayaquil.  At the press conference, where the entire political bureau of Alianza Pias was present, the Head of State recognized his defeat in Quito and action should be taken in this regard.  “We have had a loss in the capital and it should be analyzed.  But this shows us that in elections nothing is a done deal”.

Barrera also acknowledged that errors in his campaign had provoked an “erosion” in the “leadership of the process of the “citizen revolution”.  That information which reached other cities of the country provoked a meeting behind closed doors by some of the members of the Pais bureau that lasted several hours.  They analyzed the action that would be taken in those cities and how they would face the results as a movement.

In spite of the defeat in the major cities, according to the first data of the exit polls, Corrrea pointed out the percentage obtained by the official candidate Viviana Bonilla in Guayaquil.  “The results of our comrade are extraordinary. She obtained 38% of the support being a young candidate who could be the granddaughter of the Mayor”, he asserted.

An hour before, the Executive had arrived to the headquarters of the official movement in Quito to receive the results there.  But the extra official data already defined the scene in Quito: Rodas had defeated Barrera at the ballot box by a margin greater than 15 points.  Various Pais ministers and assemblymen who had been involved in the campaign gathered at their headquarters.  The vice-president Jorge Glas and the prefect of Pichincha, Gustavo Baroja arrived as well.

Source: El Comercio

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