“For my enemies the law”
The instrumental use of judicial power by the Executive is an old tradition that although it was an everyday practice by the owners of power it had its limits.

Quito, December 7, of February 2014 | 00:52

Correismo applies an old latinamerican phrase that goes as follows “for my friends everything, for my enemies the law”. The instrumental use of judicial power by the Executive is an old tradition that although it was an everyday practice by the owners of power it had its limits. When justice was in the hands of Febres Cordero, for example, the opposition had strength in Congress; civil society had the ability to organize massive acts of protest and resistance and the media denounced acts of abuse of power.

All of this has changed in the last 7 years.  Correismo is the absolute owner of all the institutions of the State; civil society is harassed by the State and the media is frightened.  In this context, how can you counter the correista authoritarian stronghold supposedly based on legality?

Ccorreismo uses the law to persecute people who should serve as examples to frighten the population.  The victims of the repressive use of law have been from the organized left, the leaders of social movements, some NGO’s and journalists who are in the public eye. The same ritual and script is used for the purpose of terrorizing. Generally, Correa announces during his Saturday morning broadcasts that the law will be used against some critic.  The result of the judicial investigation or trial is previously known: Correa will be triumphant.
As you can see, you can’t make heads or tails out of this; you cannot even say this is a sophism. This is an atrocity.  But these “errors” are far from being epistemological mistakes. The logical atrocity changes its nature when the actors are 85 assassinations in Argentina, the Iranian government, United States and the Libyan Mohammed Kaddafi. In effect, Mister Correa, is a sample of deductive talent, he upheld that because Kaddafi (the terrorist that blew up an airplane carrying 259 passengers) was attacked by NATO planes, the Iranian (suspected of the murder of 85 innocent people) deserved compassion.

The words of the warmonger unleash the officials so they can quickly and loyally follow his orders and convict the guilty to prison and generally, if the case warrants it, to pay a multi-million dollar indemnity for having attempted to blemish the honor of his Majesty. Sometimes, if necessary, media chains are used to destroy the honor of the enemy at hand so that the people can support the President’s verdict.

The discretional legalism is effective because it educates by the example it is terrorizing. Scenes from the lynching that do away with the dignity of the accused of the day can be seen on television screens. He appears as a despicable creature that deserves all sorts of abuse, imprisonment, exile and humiliation at the hands of the leader’s exalted followers who unabashedly insult them on the social networks. The selective and repressive use of the legal system diminishes the basic liberties that should exist in a democracy, such as the plurality of opinions and the possibility of questioning power.

The selective repression is a strategy so that society will obey the trials and the truths of the warmonger and his entourage. Why should you dissent and have a different opinion if it can unleash the divine wrath of RC? Why risk it and maybe lose a good job or a consulting spot with the State? It is better to keep quiet and appear to be in agreement with everything, lower your tone or join the chorus of lamb that praise the messiah. Carlos de la Torre

Fuente: Diario HOY, Quito http://www.hoy.com.ec/noticias-ecuador/para-mis-enemigos-la-ley-600371.html

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