"Madame: they were going to extradite them based on illegal judicial findings"

In a public letter to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, Jorge Zavala Egas, attorney for the Isaias brothers accused the Ecuadorean Government of violating his client’s rights, leaving them defenseless through a constituent mandate and convicting them through political trials by judges who obey the Executive. Zavala added that the U.S. State Department had denied extradition on four occasions due to lack of proof and because the current government intended on extraditing them in an illegal manner.

Guayaquil, november 1/ 2014.-

Doctor Jorge Zavala Egas was quite critical of the country’s situation and affirmed that Ecuador was no longer a democracy, it is not structured as a legitimate State of Law and the division of power is nominal. “The judicial organization and the design of the system, such as it appears in the reports of the State Department to which you belong, is merely a political instrument whose judges are appointed by a symbolic selection process where merit is valued by the scale of submission and predisposition of servicing the interests of the government”, denounced Doctor Zavala.

The goal of the confiscation was to gain control of TC Television y Gamavision

Doctor Zavala also stated that the government maintained a systematic and ferocious attack against the Isaias family and that the confiscation of their assets, which included the television channels “TC Television”, “Gamavision” and “CN3”, were part of the presidential strategy to illegally gain control of 40% of the national media coverage in order to gain absolute control over public opinion and assemble a monopolistic propaganda regime useful to politically indoctrinate the people. Furthermore, he added that the illegal confiscation had to be protected through Mandate 13 that ordered the confiscation of the Isaias family to be unchallengeable before any administrative or judicial authority and that the judge or authority that heard any related matter would be impeached, without prejudice and criminally tried.

The defense attorney went on to say: “Evidently, the plan has a weakness, which is, it only works as long as a judge, court or tribunal declares that a crime has been committed by the siblings Roberto and William Isaias and that order has been given; the judges must maintain the appearance of impartiality and independence, but the result will always be the same, without a doubt, there must be a conviction. The confiscation has to be justified at all cost!

Due process violations and other judicial barbarities

In the judicial arena, Zavala highlighted that his clients have been sentenced three times for different crimes, the last sentence clearly expressed it was obeying the previous ones containing an “illegal interpretation”, in other words, that the criminal proceeding which lacks the prosecutorial accusation of a major crime and that has been going on since 2000 has never had a judicial decision adhering to law according to the Court’s own ruling of October 29, 2014. However, the very judges who handed down this ruling have no shame in once again trying the 1998 facts where they were illegally sentenced, calling it now “bank embezzlement” an act which was enacted as a crime in this country in 1999 and applying it retroactively on his clients in violation of our Constitution and the American Convention of Human Rights approved by the member states of the OAS”, said Doctor Zavala.

They were going to extradite them based on illegal findings

Doctor Zavala highlighted that the State Department of the United States had rejected Ecuador’s extradition request made by its Court of Justice on four separate occasions.

Zavala emphasizes, “The Ecuadorean Government has never proved the legality of its political accusations, so much so, that now in 2014 that the Appellate Chamber has determined that the judicial decisions on which the extradition was based on were illegal! In other words, if it were not for the prudence and respect that the US has for human rights, two Ecuadoreans would have been extradited based on illegal judicial findings. That is how it appears on the sentence the Government so hastily had signed just days before your arrival Mrs. Jacobson, this cannot be rationalized as a coincidence, but rather the disrespectful sagacity of trying to surprise you with a perverse ruling that is still absent, for its final judicial validity to be challenged before the Constitutional Court of our country; this means that the Government leaps to sell the culpability of the Isaias brothers to the U.S. before the proceedings have ended in an immoral and fraudulent manner which only proves the persecution the Isaias brothers have been subjected to”.

Finally, in doctor Zavala’s missive, he goes on to say that his clients want independent justice which is impossible to obtain in Ecuador and asks Mrs. Jacobson to grant him a meeting in order to show her the evidence of what he asserts so that she may objectively evaluate the illegitimate official request for extradition.

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