Pasara report on justice continues generating debates
Assemblyman Paez makes a proposal at Forum to avoid impunity of acts of corruption

El Universo newspaper. Guayaquil, September 4, 2014

The opposition assemblyman Andres Paez (CREO) believes that to prevent acts of corruption tied to those in power from going without punishment the mechanism that must be used is the condemnation of the supposed interference of the executive power on the judicial function before the international community

Paez made this proposal, Tuesday night, during a forum organized by the Observatory of Rights and Justice where the report by the Peruvian jurist Luis Pasara regarding the lack of judicial independence was debated. Via Skype, Pasara summarized his study which he had presented a few weeks prior to the forum and which was criticized by representatives of the judicial function and President Correa, himself.

In his opinion, Ecuadorean justices are submissive to the Executive power which interferes in numerous ways in the cases it has interest in. Most frequently are statements made by Correa or some of his ministers prior to or after some resolution have been issued. Also analyzed at the forum was the new Complete Organic Penal Code that became effective August 10th. Enrique Herrería, director of the Observatory, stated that this law violated the principle of minimal criminal intervention. And thus leads to a further increasing interference on the judicial power.

The criminal attorney Jorge Zavala said, that the country should begin to create groups of jurists that when the current Government ends they can “disassemble” the legislation the former created.


Presentation by Dr. Jorge Zavala Egas, during a forum organized by the Observatory of Rights and Justice
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