Justices Merino and Íñiguez,
accused of fraud and prevarication
The complaint was filed by jurist Jorge Zavala Egas who represents Isaias brothers

Doctor Jorge Zavala Egas, went before the Attorney General to file a criminal complaint against justices Wilson Merino and Paul Íñiguez for “acting fraudulently violating the Law and committing the crime of prevarication, meaning it issued an anticipatory opinion on the future conviction of the Isaias case and, in spite of that, continued to hear the case”, according to what is on the complaint.
In the case of Íñiguez , Zavala said, “the illegal acts of Judge Paul Íñiguez  are for the purpose of legitimizing the confiscation executed in July 2008 of assets and businesses including the communication media such as Gamavision and TC Television which today have been converted into official media for political propaganda of the Government”.

He added that Judge Íñiguez  evidenced in writing his decision to pay the political power back for the favor of having appointed him to the high post he occupies in such an irregular manner as is confirmed by the report of the International Oversight Committee presided by Judge Baltasar Garzon.

Doctor Zavala said that the condemnatory sentence Paul Íñiguez  prepares has its finality in trying to legitimize the executed unconstitutional confiscations and to leave without investigation or punishment the conduct executed by the administrators of those businesses and assets that at one time were headed by mister Pedro Delgado.

Wilson Merino was also accused of the crime of fraud for issuing the sentence he ordered on April 11, 2012.  Merino is the same judge that issued the polemic ratification of the sentence issued by judge Juan Paredes in the El Universo newspaper case where the President was granted $40 million USD for damages.

“Now it is up to the Attorney General, Galo Chiriboga, to do something, ordering the investigation prior to the criminal proceeding as stated by law”, stated doctor Jorge Zavala.

Source: Ecuador en vivo

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