PERSECUTION / Media lynching
No Ecuadorean has been the subject of more defamation during the President’s Saturday morning media chain than the Isaias brothers and on the very media that was confiscated from them. The smear campaign against them is a government priority in their rush to persecute and to sustain their political project where the confiscated television stations are essential to staying in power forever.
The Isaias brothers have also been convicted by the media

The defense counselors for the Isaias brothers have given President Correa all the information pertaining to the case. He knows everything about the case, the sums and all of the minute details of the trial. He knows that the Isaias brothers are innocent and that no one was hurt by the private management of Filanbanco. He knows that the Attorney General Mariana Yepez ruled that there was no proof of embezzlement and that the associate judges of the First Criminal Chamber acquitted them and that he with his power, promoted the removal of those judges and handpicked others to fulfill his political will.

Correa also knows that the confiscation of assets, businesses and television stations of the Isaias family was illegal and that Mandate 13 has left them defenseless. He knows better than anyone that the conviction was calculated against the Isaias brothers, ordered to suit his interests and that of his political project; and he knows that Isaias brothers have been prosecuted so they won’t have to return that which belongs to them. He knows that the businesses were plundered, bankrupted and used politically He knows that the Isaias brothers must be convicted because their innocence implies the return of the television stations and that would ruin his media strategy for his perennial reelection project.

But despite knowing all of this, they cannot admit it and the only way out left for them, is to trample upon the honor of the Isaias family, to publically blame them as the culpable party responsible for the bankruptcy of a bank they did not bankrupt, accuse them of taking money out of the country which they never did, and not paying the depositors of La Previsora because during the administration of Filanbanco by the Isaias there never was nor have there been any losses incurred by the depositors.
Hoverer, the truth begins to emerge in the international courts of justice where an overwhelming amount of evidence begins to prove the innocence of the Isaias brothers.

Notwithstanding, the smear campaign against the Isaias brothers has only worsened. It is intense, millions have been spent and it has spread internationally as part of the strategy created and put into motion by Julian Assange, Jorge Gestoso and Alberto Padilla.  It is financed by the Ecuadorean Embassy in the US with the blessing of its ambassador Nathalie Cely.

Presidential insults

Source: Asambleísta Andrés Páez

7 years of correismo: painful collection of 215 insults


As a contribution to the historic memory of Ecuador, what follows is a partial list of the collection of insults uttered by President Correa during his 7 years in office.

This is a painful compilation into a glimpse as to the exercise of power, discrediting the press, labeling opponents with epithets humiliating them mercilessly and, of course, without the right to reply, tarnishing their honor in government newspapers, the televised Saturday morning chains and 5 television channels.

Correa is outrageously arrogant and avails himself of a huge machine of power that makes him believe that only he is honorable. No one can object to anything he says and only he can insult the dignity of others.

Here is the list:

1. Abusive
2. Troubled
3. Acts as if his body itches
4. Ridiculously extravagant
5. Prophets of doom
6. Mayor of 20 city blocks
7. Mayor club swinger
8. Alcoholic
9. Bitter
10. Tabloid seeker
11. Amorphous
12. Anachronistic
13. Anarchists
14. Spoiled rich girls
15. Spoiled rich boys
16. Anti-Progressive
17. Unethical
18. Unpatriotic
19. Traitor
20. Bearer of rings
21. Social climbers
22. Arrogant
23. Violates human rights
24. Dummies
25. Garbage
26. Savage Beasts
27. Loudmouths
28. Drunkard
29. Gross
30. Vultures
31. Speculators vultures
32. Gilded bureaucracy
33. Coaxing bureaucracy
34. Flying donkey
35. Cheeky
36. Unburied corpse
37. Political corpses
38. Scoundrel
39. Constipated face
40.  Cartoonist - government hater
41. Dumb mug
42. Mean mug
43. Scowl face
44. Caveman from last century
45. Cavemen
46. ​​Charlatans
47. Cheerleaders of neo liberalism
48. Screwy
49. Gossiper
50. Loan sharks wearing ties
51. Cynical
52. Fire starter
53. Sewer with antennas
54. Coward
55. White materialistic girls
56. Sexual counselors while still virgins
57. Conspirators
58. Corrupt
59. Den of thieves
60. Demagogues
61. Professional Complainants
62. Conspiratorial right
63. Disqualified
64. Sassy
65. Unhinged by greed
66. Spreaders of Misinformation
67. Shameful newspaper
68. Totally mediocre leaders
69. Disguised as a journalist
70. Disguised behind an inkwell
71. Double standard of morality
72. Drug addict
73. Junkie
74. The bad journalism at its worst
75. Stateless Entrepreneurs
76. Show off Dwarf
77. Dwarf Latin lover
78. Fake polling
79. Sick
80. Envious
81. Speculators
82. Scammer
83. Scammers
84. Human Stupidity
85. Stupid
86. Operators
87. Fallacious
88. Counterfeiters 
89. Puppet
90. Fraud
91. Black shirt Fascist
92. Fascists
93. Fundamentalists
94. Vultures
95. Club swingers
96. Damaged People
97. People who lie
98. Horrific chubby girl
99. Biggest offenders
100. Bold faced gringos
101. People who talk too much
102. Sons of the oligarchy
103. Hypocrite
104. Idiot
105. Ignorant
106. Morons
107. Unable
108. Unable to think
109. Incompetent
110. Unworthy
111. Ineffable
112. Infamy
113. Immoral
114. Negligible
115. Mediocre researchers
116. Irresponsible
117. Dumb leftists
118. Chief Jurassic Park
119.'s Head can’t give more
120. Crabs
121. Pain in the butt
122. Thief
123. Dummy
124. Little Limited
125. Had a drugstore on him
126. Raving lunatics
127. Wooden Warrior, wood thieves
128. Mob
129. Insolent fool
130. Fools
131. Bad Faith
132. Mason who beats women
133. Neighborhood bully
134. Half man, half woman
135. Lackluster
136. Mediocre slanderers
137. Longhaired
138. Liar
139. Mercenary
140. Miserable
141. Pathological liar
142. Shakers mums
143. Unpleasant woman
144. Nefarious woman
145. Norco politicians
146. Could not walk and chew gum at the same time
147. Good for nothing
148. Trendy
149. Stubborn Hater
150. Working oligarchy
151. Opportunist
152. Para-politicians
153. Mean spirited newspapers 
154. Clowns
155. Foolish
156. Cat killer
157. Preppy land
158. Preppies
159. Always childish
160. Loser
161. Worthless newspapers
162. Perverse journalist
163. Semi ignorant journalists
164. Rabid dogs
165. Tracker
166. Crooks
167. Smurf
168. Grumpy smurf
169. Poor man
170. Rotting
171. Corrupt politician
172. Politician mayor half block
173. Politician cheap
174. Golden ponchos
175. Trash
176. Tabloids
177. Corrupt press
178. Corrupt international Press
179. Cheap press
180. Arrogant
181. Pseudo analysts
182. Pseudo entrepreneurs
183. Pigs
184. Ignorant economists
185. Rioters
186. King of the world
187. Ridiculous 188. Ridiculous
189. Wise guys 
190. Out of here scowl face
191. Toads
192. Insects
193. They think they’re too cool
194. Gravedigger
195. Gravediggers of education
196. Scoundrel
197. Sufferer
198. Terrorists
199. Has a shoe on head
200. Dim witted
201. Puppet
202. Silly astrologer
203. Fools
204. Clumsy
205. Land Trafficker
206. Traitor
207. Traitor bad faith
208. Traitors to the Motherland
209. Troglodytes
210. Pissed off faces
211. Predatory
212. Sacred cows
213. Traitors
214. Poisonous
215. Widow of party


Andrés Paez Benalcazar / Assemblyman / January 2014

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