Correa has two weapons of choice he uses to pursue and annihilate opponents, journalists and all those that perturb his interests: the manipulation of justice to obtain judgments commensurate to his demands through his subservient judges and his belittling of the media generally done from his Saturday morning broadcasts paid for with government money.
Persecution styled for the “XXI century”

In the correista regime as well as in those of its counterparts, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Bolivia, the strategy  to subdue, silence or prevent dissenting or opinions opposed to those of the ruling party, has been the use of justice as an instrument of persecution and media lynching.

It’s all about creating a precedence of fear to prevent dissent using the judicial branch which they control. For example, many journalists have been sued and sentenced to pay millions of dollars for writing articles or books against the interests of the regime. They have set precedence that silences and terrorizes those who think differently. In another case, three associate judges were taken to trial and impeached for ruling in favor of the Isaias brothers, that precedence has influenced the courts and has forced judges to set aside their impartiality and sentence according to political calculation, trying not to rule against the interests of Correa and his circle of power.

Correa also has another formula he uses to control those who think differently and that is the utilization of his media monopoly to discredit and stigmatize the opposition  calling them "corrupt bankers," "corrupt media", "ink assassins", "limited", "sick", "miserable", etc. Former President  Oswaldo Hurtado states in his book "Dictatorships of the XXI century": "This kind of totalitarian regime no longer physically kills their opponents as they did before. Now they are eliminated morally using insults and disrepute ". Hence, the desire to create a media monopoly that ensures the sale of the official truth, as the only truth.

The Isaias brothers have been used as tools for propaganda

The political and media use of the Isaias case has been constant, especially during elections or when the sitting government has needed a “smoke screen” to cover up some government crisis. Million dollar campaigns have been waged, using public funds, to demonize them and to plant the seed of hatred in the new generation.  One too young to have detailed knowledge about the case-against the Isaias by manipulating the facts and converting them into the emblem of the banking debacle of 1999, when they no longer even owned a bank.  

VIDEO: Oswaldo Hurtado during his conference “XXI Century Dictatorships” at the Heritage Foundation, US.

VIDEO: internacional persecution
International media campaign against Isaias brothers

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